“The Purge” a Craft Cocktail by Heather Keltz

Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you Heather Keltz (@heatherkeltz) and her #Cocktail “The Purge”.
“Born and raised in Miami, I’ve been attending all over Florida for 12 years now. I was fortunate enough two years ago to land a position at Bodega and am proud to say that I’m the last original bartender left. 🙂 this is my first bartending experience where I am able to work with fresh ingredients and craft cocktails and I love it. I am so fortunate to work with some of the best people in this business and learn new things every day I work.
Having an excellent selection of spirits available to play with really helps me to be creative in crafting my cocktails to be specific to my customers. I’m a mezcal girl, so I tend to lean heavily on that as my main spirit. I love to make drinks for people they don’t usually enjoy to try and open them up to new cocktails they wouldn’t normally choose. I have a background in cooking and baking, so my fresh ingredients are my standout in my cocktails. Come and let me make you love mezcal!”.

1oz lime juice
1/2oz agave nectar
2 slices fresh cucumber
2 slices fresh jalapeño
2 drop hellfire bitters
2oz mezcal vida
Dash of salt
Chili salt rim
In a cocktail shaker put all the ingredients with ice, shake and doble strain over ice in a rocks glass previously rimmed with chili salt and garnish with a lime wheel.

Made by  @heatherkeltz at @bodegasobe

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