The History Of Margarita


This time in #cocktailculture I’m gonna share the #margarita history, recipe and other facts. A commo
nly accepted origin story of the Margarita and that I most like is that it was invented around 1930’s to 1940’s at #Hussong’s #Cantina in #Ensenada, #Mexico, by the bartender Don Carlos Orozco in honor to Margarita Henkel, the daughter of the then German #Ambassador who visited the cantina and Don Carlos who had been experimenting with drinks based on #tequila offer her this, and she like it, so he decide put her name on it. Cheers and have a good cocktail weekend.


Recipe for Margarita

The recipe for #margarita today in #cocktailculture

1 1/2oz of #premiumtequila 100% #blueagave
1/2oz of #cointreau
1 1/2oz of lime juice (freshly squeezed)
2 spoons of sugar
Rim on the glass can be #salt or #tajin
Garnish can be lime wheel, lime wedge or lime zest.
You can serve it on the rocks or straight up.
I prefer add a splash of water to the sugar and dissolve than use the simple sirup but both are valid to use.
Use the brand of #tequila you like more.
#shake and #strain over new ice and Salud!!!
Have a happy #cocktail #weekend.

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