The History Of Finlandia

Today in #CocktailCulture the first part of the history of Finlandia vodka; produced from Finnish-grown six-row barely and pure glacial spring water. At the Koskenkorva facility in western Finland, initial distillation of the fermented six-row barley takes place in seven columns with an average height of 25 meters using Atila’s multi-pressure distilling system. Any remaining impurities, including lethal methanol as well as fusel alcohols and oils, are removed as the grain spirit is moved in a continuous process through more than 200 distillation steps.
The entire production process, from grain mashing until the final neutral spirit flows out of the column, takes approximately 50 hours. The final product, a grain spirit 96.5% by volume, is then transported about 315 kilometers (196 miles) south to the historic alcoholic beverage plant in the village of Rajamaki near Helsinki. The barley distillate is diluted with glacial water from the Rajamaki spring. Because the water is naturally filtered through sand and moraine formed by retreating glaciers during the Ice Age, no deionization, osmosis treatment or other artificial purification is used — unlike with some other vodkas. The cooling and heating water used throughout the process is recirculated in a closed system to efficiently control temperature and keep water use to a minimum.

During the past several decades, the marketing of Finlandia vodka has involved a number of global promotional campaigns.
1976-1985 Several advertising campaigns in which taste is the primary focus: “There are vodkas for orange juice lovers and tomato juice lovers. Now a vodka for vodka lovers” (1976) “The vodka for vodka purists” (1977) “Vodka for vodka drinkers” (1982) “Finlandia Vodka for vodka lovers” (1983) “The world’s finest vodka. Over ice” (1984–85).
1990 The campaign “Finlandia. Vodka From the Top of the World” stresses the properties appreciated by vodka drinkers: coldness, clarity and purity.
The campaign was reintroduced in 2006.
* 1998 The campaign “In a past life I was pure, glacial spring water” is launched under the umbrella theme “Past Lives” in which Finlandia vodka recalls its glacial origins. The ad series evokes a sense of the past through grainy photos and personalities speaking about their past lives.
* 1999 The campaign “Refresh” captures Finlandia vodka as “purely refreshing”.
* 2002 Finlandia appears as “The Official Vodka of James Bond” for “007 Die Another Day”, the James Bond film series.
* 2005 The campaign “Vodka from a Purer Place” declares Finlandia to be “naked vodka” by playing up its Finnish heritage and the “pure glacial spring water” from which it is made. Transparent bottles are posed against snowy landscapes under headlines like “Here you see exactly what you’re made of” and “When you have nothing to hide behind, you tend not to hide anything”.
* 2013 The campaign “To the life less ordinary” is designed to illustrate that, due to its blend of 6-row barley, glacial water and the midnight sun process, Finlandia is a “less ordinary vodka” produced in a less ordinary fashion. The campaign is meant to inspire viewers to never settle for the routine but instead always embrace a less ordinary life.

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