“The Farmers Basket” by Nico Abarzua

Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you Nico Abarzua, Bartender at Lure Fish Bar of Loews hotel Miami Beach and his cocktail “The Farmers Basket”. @kingbudah @loewsmiami @lurefishbarsb“My passion started 10 years ago, coming from a culinary background got easy to understand flavors and flavor combinations, cooking expanded my horizons and when I realized I had a gift relating to people the rest is history.
I love to combine flavors from the garden herbs, fruits even seeds, why not, but always respecting The main spirit and helped by classics as well.”

2oz tequila ocho reposado
1oz dolin blanc
3/4oz honey sirope
1/4oz agave nectar
3/4oz lemon juice

Muddle the berries with the honey sirope and the agave nectar, add tequila, dolin blanc and lemon juice, shake and double strain.

Ice basket with berries and mint.

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