“SAKE YOUR EDA’MAME'” a Craft Cocktail made by Willy Estrada

Today in #CocktailCulture “SAKE YOUR EDA’MAME'” a Craft Cocktail made by Willy Estrada from Komodo restaurant. @will_e_artpage @will_fnb_151 @komodomiami
I have always been passionate about Asian culture, cuisine and mixology for years and have used this as an inspiration to some of my cocktails.
This drink brings an ingredient not been used before in mixology, this being EDAMAME. I am very proud of this cocktail as it comes as unique, creative and innovative with a unique flavor, texture and aroma that will enchant with the first sip.
The edamame bean is use mainly as starter or appetizer in most Asian restaurants. I decided to create a purée with some Asian spices and spirits to enhance the edamame flavor and give the cocktail it’s texture. Sake adds a nice delicate aromatic and flavors boosted with shizo and citrus fruits juices that makes this beverage pleasant to all senses and gives great balance to an already incredible and never heard cocktail.

1oz Stoli Elit Vodka
1oz Enter Sake Black Dot
1.5oz The Secret Edamame Purée
1oz Citrus mix (lime, lemon, orange and yuzu)
1oz House simple Syrup
2 Shizo Leaves
All ingredients in a shaker, dry shake and after shake with ice, double strain in a chilled coupe glass.
Open Steamed Edamame Pod
Coupe Glass