Today in #CocktailCulture the history of the “Clover Club”. Made by @kingbudah At @lurefishbar The Clover Club Cocktail is a drink that pre-dates Prohibition, and is named for the Philadelphia men’s club of the
Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you Willy Estrada, Bartender/Someliér at Komodo restaurant and his Cocktail “Dragon Punch”. @will_e_artpage at @komodomiami He is working in the restaurant & bar industry for 15 years. Started working
Today in #CocktailCulture the first part of the history of Finlandia vodka; produced from Finnish-grown six-row barely and pure glacial spring water. At the Koskenkorva facility in western Finland, initial distillation
Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you the “Aviation”, created by Hugo Ensslin, head bartender at the Hotel Wallick in New York, in the early twentieth century. The first published recipe for the
Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you Nico Abarzua, Bartender at Lure Fish Bar of Loews hotel Miami Beach and his cocktail “The Farmers Basket”. @kingbudah @loewsmiami @lurefishbarsb“My passion started 10 years ago, coming from a
Today in #CocktailCulture I introduce you Heather Keltz (@heatherkeltz) and her #Cocktail “The Purge”. “Born and raised in Miami, I’ve been attending all over Florida for 12 years now. I was fortunate enough two
Today in #CocktailCulture the history of Tequila, first produced in the 16th century near the location of the city of Tequila, which was not officially established until 1666. The Aztec people had
Today in #CocktailCulture the history of Beer: Pale ale is a beer which uses a top-fermenting yeast and predominantly pale malt. It is one of the world’s major beer styles. Stout and
Today in #CocktailCulture  the history of Johnnie Walker. Originally known as Walker’s Kilmarnock Whisky, the Johnnie Walker brand is a legacy left by John Walker after he started to sell