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I started bartending 18 years ago in Bogota, Colombia while studying advertising and marketing at college. I fell in love with bartending and developed a strong passion for mixology. I taught myself the art of mixology, flair and customer service. After developing a strong foundation of mixology, I started to incorporate the sales and marketing knowledge learned at college. I always offer the finest products, deliver excellent customer service, and create a full drinking experience for my clientele At 24 I started entering mixology competitions in South America which helped me increase my skills and develop new techniques.

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Casa Florida and the Canoe Club
by admin, 3 weeks ago

Casa Florida and the Canoe Club

Today in #CocktailCulture we talk about Casa Florida and the Canoe Club. Casa Florida is build on the surrounds of the Jose Martín and close to the Miami River and part of the menu is inspired on the old times on this area where all starts to now be this beautiful city. Canoe Club is […]

by admin, 14 weeks ago

The London Nº 1 Original Blue Gin

The London Nº 1 Original Blue Gin: A Premium gin made with 12 botanicals. Distilled in London in the purest, most traditional style. A superb drink with a fascinating turquoise-blue tinge, produced in very small batches from distilled English grain.       It was in 1835 when the young Manuel María González Ángel founded […]

The London Nº 1 Original Blue Gin


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